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From History to Visibility: Unmasking the Visionary behind the Windshield Wiper

In the foggy city of Birmingham, a remarkable inventor named Mary Anderson changed the way we see the world. Born and raised amidst enchanting landscapes, Mary's fascination with nature inspired her to improve navigation in adverse weather.

In 1903, she unveiled her revolutionary invention: the windshield wiper. Frustrated by poor visibility caused by rain and snow, Mary created a mechanism to clear obstacles hindering drivers' view of the road.

During a rainy tram ride in New York City, Mary had a moment of clarity. She noticed the driver struggling and decided to find a practical solution. Her windshield wiper design featured a rubber blade and lever mechanism, ensuring clear visibility with a simple motion.

Despite initial resistance, Mary's invention became a standard feature in automobiles worldwide. Today, we owe her a debt of gratitude for bringing clarity to our journeys.

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