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From History to Visibility: Richard Drew - Inventor of Masking Tape and Cellophane Tape

Welcome to "From History to Visibility," a series brought to you by VisibilityCo. In this episode, we delve into the intriguing story of Richard Drew, the brilliant inventor behind masking tape and cellophane tape. Join us as we explore how Drew's inventions revolutionized various industries and discover the timeless lessons they hold for businesses striving to increase their visibility.

Richard Drew, a visionary inventor born in Minnesota in 1899, possessed an extraordinary ability to find innovative solutions to everyday challenges. As an employee at 3M, he encountered a pressing issue: painters struggled with traditional adhesives that often tore delicate surfaces. Drew recognized the need for a versatile tape that could be easily applied, removed, and repositioned without leaving residue behind.

Driven by his determination to address this problem, Drew embarked on extensive research and experimentation. In 1925, his efforts bore fruit with the invention of masking tape. This innovative tape featured a pressure-sensitive adhesive that securely stuck to surfaces, yet could be easily removed without causing damage. The simplicity and effectiveness of masking tape made it an instant hit among painters, revolutionizing their craft and simplifying their work.

Richard Drew's inventive spirit did not stop at masking tape. In the late 1920s, he set his sights on another challenge: creating a transparent, moisture-resistant tape. After years of relentless experimentation, he successfully developed cellophane tape. This groundbreaking invention found applications in various industries, from packaging and sealing to office supplies and crafts. Cellophane tape's versatility and reliability made it an indispensable tool, further bolstering 3M's reputation and market presence.

Richard Drew's ingenuity and unwavering commitment to innovation serve as a shining example for businesses seeking to enhance their visibility. His creations, masking tape and cellophane tape, not only provided practical solutions but also became iconic symbols of functionality and efficiency. At VisibilityCo, we recognize the importance of such visionary endeavors and strive to help businesses leave their mark by increasing their online visibility. Join us in the next episode of "From History to Visibility" as we explore more inspiring stories and lessons for success.

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